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1994-01: (unknown), (unknown):

described as an "atlanta version of the traveling wilburys," the next release from daemon records will be from new mongrels, featuring indigo girls amy ray and emily saliers, gerard mchugh, michelle malone, michael lorant, and others. the album is penciled in for april release.


1994-03-25: new mongrels celebrate album, heritage, the atlanta journal-constitution:

the new mongrels, an ad hoc group of athens, atlanta and seattle musicians who trace their roots to 1866, will salute birthday no. 128 at eddie's attic on saturday with an album release party. the lineup won't include all 13 musicians who contributed to the daemon records release "not dead (yet)," but you can expect the indigo girls, michelle malone, gerard mchugh, michael lorant, dede vogt and mongrels organizer haynes brooke. the folk-rock release is a tribute to the smythe county (ga.) mongrels society, founded in 1866 by brooke's great-great-grandfather, henry brooke.

the semi-underground society, originally given to drinking hard cider and singing psalms to improvised music, remains an invitation-only group with a national membership of musicians, writers and artists - plus four dogs (it's not a species-specific society). brooke says the current mongrels adhere to the goal, stated in the original bylaws, of "the joyful promotion, through song and rhythmic utterance, of a unified moral code for all creatures." the seattle band deadly man-love quartet will open for the mongrels, expected to play about 11 p.m. $5.


1994-05-13: world cafe radio program:

interviewer: indigo girls our guests. you're also record company executives (emily and amy laugh) at daemon records. you're pretty good a & r people, i mean your acts are all getting signed by majors.

amy: yeah...(laughs).

interviewer: is that good or how do you feel about that.

amy: well they're not all getting signed. i mean kristen hall got signed and james hall is getting signed. and some of them are good, some of it's good...some of the artists i want to get signed, and that's the purpose - to be a stepping stone to the next level. and some of it is, you know, to do special projects that me and emily might be involved in or just things that we've always wanted to do with friends. and some of it is artists actually just want to be independent for a long time cause that's what i am, i'm an indy label. i don't solicit tapes or anything.

interviewer: right, right, right. anything coming out?

amy: well we just put out a record by the new mongrels which is something emily and i are involved in. it's a writer named haynes brook who lives in l.a. now, who used to live in decatur and then seattle and then l.a. he went to college with us and wrote a bunch of songs and we've always hung out together in a circle of musicians and he put a bunch of people together and we recorded all his songs. and it's me and emily, kristen hall, uh is she part of it, is she on this?

emily: she's not on that one.

amy: she's not on this is she. michelle malone's on it, big fish ensemble, all the...

emily: gerard mchugh.

amy: gerard mchugh, who else? there's a bunch of atlanta musicians and some seattle people and it's kinda like...

emily: dede vogt.

amy: dede's all the people that we hang with and play with. so that just came out , it's a hootenanny record.

emily: it's great.

interviewer: look for that.

emily: great fun.

amy: yeah.

interviewer: we'll be back with record executives and songsters the indigo girls i just a moment here on the world cafe.


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