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200x-xx-xx: the meaning of some indigo girls lyrics:

"deconstruction," says emily, "is about a relationship that just gets picked apart and analyzed and thrown away. it's about the desecration of the simple and good parts of love."


2002-xx-xx: indigo girls, keppler associates inc:

in 2001, while amy toured behind her solo album stag, emily enjoyed some time off. "i had a good breathing period to collect my thoughts," she notes. "my new songs like 'deconstruction,' 'collecting you,' and 'our deliverance' are reflective. they capture an evolution in my approach to life - they're the songs of me, a 38 year-old rather than a 25 year-old. this is really the first time i felt this good about a bunch of new songs without hearing it from someone else."


2015-05-21: es.2001, official indigo girls "a year a month blog" on tumblr:

my songs on become you are highly emotional and intense, as i wove in and out of life's passions and pitfalls at that time. my ever-present theme of unrequited love was there in "collecting you" and "hope alone," "our deliverance'" started as a love song and ended up being an anti-war song. "deconstruction" was written after i first noticed and began to watch a family of foxes that took up space in my wooded yard, and i felt the wonder, mystery and portents that wild birds and animals always represented. "you've got to show" was an experiment with more complicated chords and progressions than i typically used, and it has the only sax solo we ever put on an ig studio record. to this day, "she's saving me" remains my most personal song, as it talks about my sister's death and the power of a woman's friendship and a loving god.

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