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2000-10-03: retrospective liner notes:

"i guess i am finally understanding the futility of trying to control anything in life."


2019-03-26: lucy wainwright roche: five essential indigo girls songs,

"devotion" (amy), retrospective (2000)

i didn't discover this song until about 20 years after it was released but it has become one of my favorite indigo girls songs. amy has a unique gift for writing love songs and this one is no exception. when i hear "devotion," i believe amy completely. it is urgent and driving and feels like it is a song that needed to exist. "devotion" looks both forward and backward, and it speaks to how our pasts are vital to who we are - and how those roots can be suddenly upended by loving someone in the present. emily's vocal parts fit together perfectly with amy's in the choruses in an unexpected, complex way. kills me!

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