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emily saliers quote from 2009-03-11: the interface - live performances, spinner:

"that's kind of a sad song," saliers tells spinner. "but the thing i like about that is the r&b character - i just want to be mary j. blige, so bad. or like rhianna, or sing like beyonce. black american music moved me like no other music. what i really like about that song is we focused on the groove."

emily saliers quote from 2009-04-03: on the download: indigo girls, oh my good:

jb: the lead single, "digging for your dream," is just a classic emily song, it's just really your classic vocals. you talk about it being the closest to r&b you'll ever become. did you feel like you were going for a sound departure there a little bit?

es: yeah, i kept begging mitchell for more beats! i mean, i was like, 'i just want to be an r&b singer, it's all i ever wanted to be.' my first record was the jackson 5 and i just love black american music more than anything else. and so, i'm just this white girl who's trying to do it, you know? and so it's because it's the music i love so much that i'm really attracted to grooves and rhythm and vibe, and so from that song in particular, i really went for it. even though it's a very depressing song, another bleak one. but in terms of the vibe i really-it is as close to r&b as i've ever gotten in terms of production and style.

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