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emily saliers quote from 2009-02-24: interview with indigo girls' emily saliers,

"i really love that song. i really like her solo version of it. she wanted to do a different incarnation of it. i thought that was fun, just to stick some harmonies on there that were different. i borrowed the guitar line that was on her solo version. i picked some of that, played that again because we both liked it. we embellished the other parts. we just wanted to do a poppy version of it, so that's what we did. it's cool. it's like the sky's the limit, really. no rules."

amy ray quote from 2010-02-18: amy ray talks about her record label, performances and solo career, the gainesville sun:

"that song eventually made it to "poseidon and the bitter bug." "driver education" was a rarity. i sent our producer "prom" and he left me a message about "driver education." it is a song when i wrote it that i couldn't figure out where i wanted it to be. i wanted to do it with emily but i had a really specific drummer in mind. i wanted to hear it with emily's harmony on the chorus."

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