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2015-06-04: indigo girls bring tour to ann arbor, the monroe evening news:

for the nostalgic song, "elizabeth," ms. saliers wrote, "everybody hits record to play back over time." as part of an iconic duo, she has many enjoyable memories.

"i like to remember marches on washington we played. i like to remember opening for neil young and the grateful dead, and touring with joan baez, getting to be on lilith fair," ms. saliers recalled. "i could just go on and on.

"every single part of this career has added to my growth both musically and personally, but the greatest thing of all, the two things that come to mind are working with a person like amy and our fans who have, you know, we haven't had to chase any trends or be super-successful in a commercial way, and after 35 years, we're still doing it."


2015-11-11: show preview: indigo girls dig deep in their latest release, the detroit metro times:

"'elizabeth' is a true story," saliers says. "elizabeth and i went to tulane and we lived in new orleans and crazy shit happened and i was young and every word in that song is true. but there is a lot of, like, i can't help but make a cultural statement, the way that ... and i do it too, [with] everything my daughter, cleo, does. [i say,] 'oh, let me get the camera out and let me film it,' rather than just being in that moment and letting it pass and remembering how sweet it was, you know, but not being able to recapture it."

"it's always been the beauty of live music to me and now of course everybody can record live music on their phones. but i just did take one shot at the beauty of not doing that with this particular relationship. i haven't looked this person up - i don't even know where she is or what she's doing. but i like that song and it's really, really personal and fun to sing."

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