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1985-xx: the indigo girls, emory university compass yearbook:

playing their acoustic folk music everywhere from the lobby of dobbs hall during "senior weekend" to atlanta's acclaimed bar the "moonshadow" as an opening act, the indigo girls, amy ray and emily saliers have been working meticulously towards making a name for themselves. and with their newly released singles, "crazy game" and "everybody's waiting for someone to come home to" out on the market, it seems they do not have far to go.


2013-12-26: a.r.1985, official indigo girls "a year a month blog" on tumblr:

around the same time we made blue food, we made our very first 7-inch record! we took the strongest song from our web iv studio recordings, "crazy game" and made a vinyl single out of it, with a dark maternal dirge called "everybody's waiting for someone to come home," as the b-side. both blue food and "crazy game" came out in 1985, under the name j.ellis records-a name that paid homage to our mentor and high school english teacher ellis loyd. the blue food tape had more music on it, but the single was a bigger deal and we considered it our first official recording. my dad loaned us a couple thousand bucks for the project. the record was pressed close by at georgia record pressing, which was such an inspiring process to me that i got a job there later, and worked off and on in the summer and between gigs. we sold the "crazy game" 7-inch at the campus bookstore and consigned it to record stores around town, it was our very first foray into the business of selling records.

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