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2021-08-13: instagram, ag inc, (adrianne gonzalez):

well i can check this off my bucket list (-:. wrote a song with my hero, emily saliers, and then to top it off both emily and amy sang on it. ahhhhhh. life made. emily sparked that thing in me that made me want to sing when i was 16, and she sparked it again at 43. thank you forever @emilysaliers (heart hear) also huge thanks to @kaseytruman for making this dream of mine real!


2021-08-13: instagram, emily saliers:

proud of this one. i co-wrote and amy and i sang. @byaginc is a gifted writer/singer/player/producer/engineer. link to listen in bio


2021-10-19: adrianne "ag" gonzalez biography,

adrianne e. gonzalez (born 1977) is an american musician, composer, music video director, writer, and painter. she formerly used adrianne as her stage name; she now uses ag.

gonzalez was born and raised in miami, where she was a chorister and taught herself piano and guitar, taking up the latter at seventeen.

she has said of her beginnings:

i was in choir from a very early age. it was kind of my life since i was about eight. but i didn't know what that would mean for me when i was an adult, or as a career. i didn't even know what a career was in high school. but when i was in high school i heard the indigo girls for the first time. and i was like, "okay! i wanna do that." it was definitely a pivotal moment. the first time i heard "love will come to you," that's when i knew.

she went on to obtain a degree in music production and engineering from boston's berklee college of music before moving to los angeles, where she is now based.

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