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1995-03: closest to fine, queensland pride:

in addition to the songs they perform together, there are also those that they do solo.

according to amy: "they were always pretty obvious. i mean, if my voice came into fare thee well (performed solo by emily on swamp ophelia) it would be like this elephant stepping through a china cabinet you know...ggrrrrr."


2015-06-18: indigo girls' emily saliers talks about motherhood, her solo record and more, the ann arbor news:

q. you're doing a show in july [eau claires music & arts festival, in wisconsin] where you'll play the entire "swamp ophelia" album. what's it like to deeply engage again with an album you made so long ago (1994)?

a. we've never ever done it before, so we don't know yet. ... a lot of songs from "swamp ophelia," we regularly play already - "the wood song," "power of two," "least complicated" - but i haven't played "fare thee well" in at least five years. that festival is curated by justin vernon [of bon iver], and it's a really cool lineup, and we love him. ... as a fan, i'll just be excited to be there.

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