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amy ray quote from 1994-02-18: unknown source:

"it's kind of a love song, but it's also, you know, it's very abstract. it's me, the struggle within myself and the struggle with someone else to create commitment in a world of this - of the music industry, which is really kind of screwy. and the ideas of invading privacy and - it's about freedom, really, and about the ability to be free. you can be free no matter what, you know."


"i don't know when i wrote - oh, you know, one thing about fugitive is that i did write - i wrote a lot from that song to the band, because when we were on tour with jane scarpentoni and scarlett rivera and jerry marotta and sara lee, that's one song that we jammed on every sound check for awhile. and i really wrote a lot of the words during soundcheck, in that atmosphere. and i finished it in florida, again, on the beach."

amy ray quote from 1994-xx-xx: swamp ophelia, epic press release:

"that's when you're having a relationship and your relationship is invaded because of what your career is doing. at the same time, you're reaping positive things from your career, you're alive and healthy..."

"it's just saying that we have to respect the way things are moving, even if we don't understand sometimes. maybe there's something bigger in the works that we'll understand later. the song is more about wrestling with yourself than it is about being famous - we're not that famous!"

amy ray quote from 1997-12: indigo girls - amy ray, curve:

"i've been gender-specific on records before, in 'chickenman' i'm very specific - i went looking for a girl. and then in 'fugitive' it's obvious i'm talking about a girl."

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