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2014-04-29: es.1989, official indigo girls "a year a month blog" on tumblr

in 1989, we began to tour other parts of the world for the first time. the traveling was thrilling, and it was interesting to get to experience the different style of music journalism from one country to the next. the pinnacle of trips outside the u.s. that year was our arrival in berlin. you can see from the postcard i sent to my mom and dad, that news of the wall coming down had arrived, and we were heading right to the epicenter. amy and i got to berlin and went to the wall, which had been dismantled in parts but not completely. i will never, ever forget being able to chisel off bits of rock from the wall and putting them in my pocket. it was bitter, freezing cold, and we shot footage as part of a video we were making of 'get together' to raise money and awareness for habitat for humanity back home. how was it possible that music had brought me and amy from georgia to berlin, standing in solidarity with east and west germans for peace and unity, chiseling off bits of that monolithic wall of division, shooting video for a song about togetherness to raise support for a group that built foundations of hope? i get chills to think of it now.

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