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1995-xx-xx: interview by kirsti reeve:

k: what about dredging up some of the really old stuff - you used nashville on rop - stuff like the untitled song?

e: my god.. i don't even remember that one.. it's been since we played that.

a: what _is_ that one? what's the first line of that song?

k: [proceeds to quote verse 1 of untitled song]

a: what's the chorus?

e: ohhh.. no..

k: could have seen the acting (a: aahhhhhh...) on the stage.

e: might have read the writing on the page..oh my god!!

k: ok..(

a: laughs) ok...

e: couldn't have written that one! page.. stage..

a: now that you say it out loud... they don't sound that good. (cracks up laughing again)

k: the melody's good though...

e: yeah.. it's a pretty melody.. it's sweet.. sweet... sweet and sappy. that was me totally though, i mean, when i was writing songs like that. i mean i still have a big sappy part of me. and i think a lot about love, i really do. so i write a lot about it.

a: there's some old songs of emily's i've heard that we could dredge up and use again though. like half moon cafe (e: yeah!) that song, that' know..

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