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1994-03: the indigo girls: the musical ties that bind, performing songwriter:

[emily saliers] "i wrote a song called 'high horse' that was on the original 'strange fire' release - i hate that song. that's one of my worst songs because i took the imagery too far - 'if you want to saddle your high horse...' it was so forced. first of all, i wasn't writing it about anything - i was sort of making up anger toward someone and it was a completely imaginary scenario and that came out in the writing too. there's no emotional attachment to it. usually when i feel really very strongly emotionally about something, that's when i'm able to write my best songs."


2016-01-29: indigo girls playing red bank, montclair, the asbury park press:

the indigo girls have played with their band up until last week. when saliers and ray perform friday at the count basie theatre and saturday at the wellmont theatre, they will be joined by violinist lyris hung.

"it'll just be the three of us, which will be fun," saliers said. "it' fun switching things up. next month jordan will be joining us for some dates. the sound the three of us make is unique."

aside from showcasing "one lost day," the indigo girls will deliver songs from their deep canon. "we have a lot to draw from but it's not really that difficult for us to come up with a set list," saliers said. "i can tell you the songs i don't want to ever play."

what song will saliers never perform again? "the first one is 'high horse,' which is just a terrible song," saliers said. "i'll never play that one again."

it isn't easy for acts to stay together but more than 30 years after the indigo girls formed, saliers and ray are still together. "we keep it going because we're best friends for so long that it's like we're family," saliers said. "we're also diametrically opposed in just about everything but our values. i live in the city and she lives in the woods an hour north of atlanta. we're just far enough part but we have our common denominators. we each have young daughters (saliers' child, cleo is 3 and ray's offspring osie, is 2) and of course we have our music."

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