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1986-02-08: indigo girls are in the pink, the atlanta journal-constitution:

"i don't want to wait for heaven
i can find what i need right here on earth this time
too many people want to wait for heaven
but if you can't feel it here you won't feel it there any way."
-from "holy city" by indigo girls

for the record, it's indigo girls, not the indigo girls, and they're finding what they want right here in atlanta - a faithful, if small, following. also, for the record, which doesn't have a title yet, all the songs on it will be their own, and it should be released this summer.

both indigo girls, emily saliers and amy ray, are getting sick of the blues symbolism attached to the name. "i just thought it was catchy," says the 21-year old ms. ray.

"it's blue and it's deep," says 22-year old ms. saliers, laughing. "i think it has a ring to it."

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