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1992-05: rites of passage tour program:

they put out their first cassette, the very primitive "blue food" which included such smash hits as "i don't know your name, but i wanna be your lover" and "if you live like that" - the only song they ever wrote together.


1997-06-09: indigo girls: frequently asked questions, e-mail list:

6.3. have amy and emily ever written any songs together, or with other people?
amy and emily generally write separately and then collaborate on the harmonies and instrumental arrangements of their songs. however, there are a few songs that they have written together:
"i don't know your name" from "blue food" (1985)
"if you live like that" from "blue food" (1985)
"blood quantum" from "honor1: a benefit for the honor the earth campaign" (1996)
songs that they have written with other people include:
"i don't wanna know" by amy and michelle malone
"i'll give you my skin" from "tame yourself" (1991), by amy, emily and michael stipe
"1 2 3" by amy and the members of ellen james society

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