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2006-12-07: emily saliers of indigo girls, song facts:

sf: along the same wavelength there, how about the song "last tears."

es: "last tears" actually started as two different songs. and i put them together to become the chorus and the verse. and it's sort of a self-affirming song for someone who's gone through a difficult relationship, possibly a breakup, and comes to the point where it's like, okay, we went through this, i have no regrets at all about it, but i'm not going to cry anymore. it's time to move on. so it sort of takes into account everything that happened before, and then reaching this sort of epiphany where, you know, it uses the metaphor of getting drunk on sadness. and then when you've reached that point of sadness, then it's time to make the coffee, and give thanks for time that heals, and believe in moving on. and that's the end of the tears for that.

sf: do you think that's possible to just go and have just that one last good cry, and then move on from that?

es: i think it is possible. yeah, i do. i think that people can shift, and things can shift, and we can find perspective, and i believe that pain can be healed. i mean, it depends on the situation, sometimes it takes longer for others. just depends on the hold on your heart that someone has, and your own issues that you need to work through. but yes, i do believe there can be a time, and that's it.

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