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2005-07-09: indigo girls bring "rarities" to napa, the fairfield daily republic:

is there a track you wanted that didn't make the cut?

not really. it's really geared towards things you couldn't get elsewhere, that was the focus, almost the theme.

"let me go easy," is a track recorded last year but is on this album.

it's a live version of the song, a song that we recorded for our last record, but the production wasn't right, the arrangement wasn't right and we took it off. i brought it back in a different arrangement, more original, more simple.

the song has a special meaning for you, right?

it's about a friend. she was a great person, a friend of the activist community, a native american who worked on to honor the earth. we visited a couple of times during the final stages and these were just thoughts and i wrote a song. at some point i felt she was tired of fighting (had ovarian cancer). she had been a strong warrior for so many causes and at some point someone has got to be allowed to leave.

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