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2015-02-27: amy ray of indigo girls, song facts:

songfacts: a couple of the songs are really like gospel tunes. we started out by talking about how maybe the songs you write that are country are a little bit different than songs that you write for the indigo girls. when you wrote songs like "let the spirit" and "the gig that matters," did you feel like they would be great for a country album?

amy: yeah, because when i think of country, i also think of gospel and mountain music, like the carter family. and it's all together for me in the same... not genre - it's like different aspects of what i like about country music, and gospel is one of them.

i had written another song that was on an earlier record called "the rock is my foundation" that was definitely gospel and probably would have fit on this record even better than it fit on the record it was on. but i just couldn't wait to record it, so i went ahead and put it on this other record.

i knew i was writing songs like that, but the production of it really appealed to me, so i thought of it as a model in some ways for the next record.

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