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amy ray quote from 2009-06-25: the indigo girls are coming, and there's one song you're sure to hear, the duluth news tribune:

"i think you have to have a balance for when you're playing a song. for attaching memories to it, and making it feel current - a current energy to it. there are some songs we play that are really old. we'll pull out "love's recovery," one of emily's songs. i feel some current-ness to it and it's always going to be a great song to me. but for some reason, some songs have more of a certain sentimental value. that one, for me, really takes me back. i feel emotional in a certain way when i'm playing it. almost like tearing up. it's something i can't even put my finger on. there's just certain songs where i tear up when i'm playing it. i think it's because it reminds me of the beginning days when we first started. when we were playing in high school and early college. we were playing a lot of cover songs and emily was already writing. she was really good and i was catching up. one of the first songs, you know, early. that was on our first record and it was a song emily wrote, and it was a really stand-out song early on."

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