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emily saliers quote from 2017-08-24: emily saliers newsletter #2 - featuring an interview with adrian carter, the official emily saliers e-mail list:

"the song "match" was a pop song that i had co-written with kristen hall at least fifteen years ago. i used to play it during soundcheck at indigo girls shows and i liked it. it was very jingly and pop, very bright and happy. but lyris and i could not find a home for it on the record musically in its bouncy, poppy form which i had always played it as? the way kristen and i wrote it.. it just wasn't working. so one day in the studio lyris was like, "you know what? everybody just change direction. let's try something totally different from the way that we're doing it." tim lefebvre (david bowie, tedeschi trucks) started playing a bassline using this effects pedal and created this groove with sput [robert "sput" searight] on drums. and that set the tone for the new version of "match." it's interesting how you settle into ideas that feel good and strong fairly quickly. it's kind of like a good relationship. it should take work, but not too much work. i had to work to get over the feeling of, "oh my gosh, this is really a drastic change." it was a little uncomfortable in addition to the fact that when i sang it, i used all falsetto, no throat voice at all, which was new for me. on top of that, we made a conscious decision to not put any harmony on it at all. so "match" was a stretch because it completely changed. i made a large leap of faith with it. i went with lyris' vision and now it's one of my favorite songs on the record."

"when you think about it in terms of simplicity of production, "match" and "train inside" lend themselves to less going on in the production."

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