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1986-12-12: local indigo girls create superb album, the atlanta journal-constitution:

the album provides a good sampling of the distinct styles of the two musicians who've known each other since grade school. amy's rocking "cold as ice" and "land of canaan" maintain the intensity of the live versions - both songs are two audience favorites - although her raspy voice is higher and not so raspy on the vinyl versions.

emily's beautiful love song "never stop" definitely benefits from the lack of beer-drinking crowd background noise to be had on an album. likewise with her mellow and pretty "history of us," which she sings sweetly and softly.

but the best thing about this album is that the indigo girls haven't even tapped into the large reservoir of original tunes they've performed for their fans in the past. hopefully, indigo girls ii is already in the works.


1987-12-04: indigo girls: intensity, delicate and honest, the durham morning herald:

live, the indigo girls are even more intense. last sunday night at chapel hill's la terraza, they played two sets, an hour each. they played their own songs, songs by other atlanta writers and better known pieces.

in concert, they were more political. ms. saliers' unreleased "up in smoke" was both a cry of anger ("i've watched my country practice nuclear suicide") and a plea for sanity ("we don't want to go up in smoke"). there were two vibrant songs from the ep, "cold as ice" and "never stop", and a superb cover of bob dylan's "all along the watchtower" that lashed out with a vengeance.


2002-xx-xx: (interview excerpt), (unpublished):

ken k: have you ever thought of putting out a collection of rarities and b-sides so the fans would have some of those early recordings and harder-to-find covers you've done?

emily saliers: not exactly. we did the 1200 curfews album, and we spent a lot of time picking live songs that were special for one reason or another, sort of different from the studio recordings. but as far as really obscure stuff, i usually don't like it. (laughs) which is why it remains obscure.

kk: there was a song years ago called "never stop"..?

es: oh god!

kk: when i saw you play that, you said it was going to be the last time you ever played it. and i remember thinking, "that's too bad," 'cuz it was a good little tune.

es: (laughing) yeah, it's a good tune, but when i listen to the lyrics now, it's like, "oh god, please."

kk: so you have those moments when you think back on a song and think, "what was i thinking?"

es: hell yeah, all the time. "never stop" is a prime example.

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