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1991-06-10: indigo girls offer upbeat set filled with credible idealism, the boston globe:

indigo girls concerts tend more toward spiritual hootenany than they do large-scale, confessional coffeehouse folk, but both elements are in the mix. in "southland in the springtime," the girls laid down a loping lazy groove, and followed it with ray's raging, punkish "no way to treat a friend." they then moved into the topsy-turvy romance of "you & me of the 10,000 wars." later, in "land of canaan," ray and saliers tapped the wellspring we all know - the refrain includes "i'm lonely tonight" - and fed audience fantasies as well. oh sure, a few folks undoubtedly thought, i could help you through all that.


1991-06-10: indigo girls show they know how to have fun on stage, the worcester telegram and gazette:

highlights included the raucous rocker, "no way to treat a friend"; and a wonderfully urgent rendition of "pushing the needle." that song about excess, penned by ray, allowed her to take the lead with some joplinesque screaming, and thrashy guitar strumming, while saliers chirped in with the song's chilling chorus, "i think i know what's wrong."

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