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1999-12-17: transcription, yahoo chat:

question: i personally have been listening to you guys for many years and you have greatly inspired me in many ways. what is the song that is the most emotionally difficult for you to play live and why?

"probably for me nuevas senoritas. just because it pays tribute to some women activitists in our lives two of which we lost this past year. ingrid washinwatok, and marsha gomez."


2001-xx-xx: (excerpts from an interview with amy ray), (unpublished):

i asked her if some of the stuff floating around on napster will ever make its way onto a record, specifically chiapas bound, nueva senoritias, moment of forgiveness, point of hope and emily's winthrop.

"yeah some of those things might end up on an indigo girls record. i hope people will still like it if we put it on an album. sometimes people get stuff on napster and it's cool and fun because they got it on napster. and i wonder how they'd react if it then shows up on a record. the next record for us is going to be more of an acoustic folk record so-"

i interruppted and said "you guys have said that the past three times ive interviewed you over the past four years. is this for real"

"yeah. this is really for real this time. it's going to be acoustic. this is for real."


2002-xx-xx: indigo girls, keppler associates inc:

the twelve songs that comprise become you are evenly divided between emily and amy compositions. "nuevas senoritas," the evocative amy ray ballad that closes the album, is in fact the oldest song here. "that was inspired by our trip to chiapas, mexico in 1997," ray explains. "nuevas senoritas" was written in honor of the women who fight for change along side of the zapatistas. i just started writing some stuff down in my journal, then came back and wrote the song later.

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