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emily saliers quote from 2017-08-24: emily saliers newsletter #2 - featuring an interview with adrian carter, the official emily saliers e-mail list:

"it's interesting because i love the production on that song and think of it as fairly complex. the synth line was an original idea of mine that i had when i was writing the song using logic on my computer. we ended up getting rachel eckroth to play it on keyboards so it would be a human being instead of a machine on the record, but that element of the song was programmed at first. i love my friends jennifer [kreisberg] and soni [moreno] on that track as well. they used to be in ulali together, so the native american influence on that song is so powerful to me. and i like how the song came out because it has the aggression that i wanted to portray through the message. i think that guns are, if not the most serious illness in this country, right up there at the top. it makes me feel sick and angry and frustrated. i feel like the way that song ended up really captured that."

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