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2002-xx-xx: indigo girls, keppler associates inc:

in 2001, while amy toured behind her solo album stag, emily enjoyed some time off. "i had a good breathing period to collect my thoughts," she notes. "my new songs like 'deconstruction,' 'collecting you,' and 'our deliverance' are reflective. they capture an evolution in my approach to life - they're the songs of me, a 38 year-old rather than a 25 year-old. this is really the first time i felt this good about a bunch of new songs without hearing it from someone else."


emily saliers quote from 2002-02-22: indigo girls get fresh on back-to-basics cd, the boston globe:

the message of "our deliverance" is heard in the line "lay down your weapon, and love your neighbor as thyself."

"i couldn't say it any more poetically," saliers says. "i had to say it straight out. people always reference god when they're fighting wars, that god is on their side and all that stuff. but according to everything i've read, life is all about not warring with your neighbor, and no nation is exempt from that rule. i just wanted to remind myself and others about that."

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