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amy ray quote from 1999-11-xx: amy ray interview, rant n' rave:

question: is it true that 'ozilline' is a song about your grandmother ozilline walker? what has her wisdom taught you?

"yes 'ozilline' and some other people also - the wisdom of the song or that i have tried to learn is about the simple cycles of life and how to learn from them and how to appreciate beauty in the face of physical pain.

amy ray quote from 1999-11-28: indigo girls prove their mettle as rockers on their latest cd , the st. louis post-dispatch:

"i record my grandma a lot telling stories. i take my tape recorder when i visit, and it fit perfectly with a song," says ray, who had to let her grandmother hear the song before the cd was released so she could give it a thumbs up - or not. "she was way into it. but the first thing she said was she really liked the bass part."

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