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1999-12-17: transcription, yahoo chat:

question: i personally have been listening to you guys for many years and you have greatly inspired me in many ways. what is the song that is the most emotionally difficult for you to play live and why?

"probably philosphy of loss right now. when we were finishing it in the studio it was a time of deep personal sadness and it brings me back to that time when i sing it."


2000-05-05: transcription, artist direct chat:

question: what was the inspiration for the extra track "philosophy of loss" on "social"? why was this song hidden and not listed on the album liner?

"the inspiration was particularly about the church rejecting gay people and how hurtful that is to me as an individual, a gay person and it was just about the way we as a society or a culture, rationalize our loss or the destruction that we create how we rationalize it. and, it was a hidden track because originally, amy wanted to make a pretty short record and as it was, we had twelve complete songs, but i was so attached to that song personally that we decided to make it a hidden track. so, we got the song on the album without making it part of the concise whole of 12 songs. i also like the idea of you've got the cd on, and you're listening it's just there, it's a nice surprise."

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