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1992-04-24: earth day in concert - indigo girls in their element, the providence journal:

she also sings the album's lone cover song, a stark version of dire straits' romeo and juliet.

"because i can't play the guitar like mark knopfler," ray said, "the idea is to put more of the passion into the singing."


200x-xx-xx: the meaning of some indigo girls lyrics:

"romeo and juliet" was written by mark knopfler and can be found on dire straits' 1980 album "making movies".

in a november 1994 interview amy said that she had learned a lot of the songs from "making movies". "i used to play in a hotel lounge. i thought ['romeo and juliet'] was an incredibly well written song and i could relate to it at the time for some reason. it just kinda grew and changed over the years." at the time, she said she had never spoken to mark about the song and said, "i wouldn't even want to know what he thinks."


2010-11-03: amy ray of the indigo girls on keeping her 'strange fire' burning, the monclair times:

"a song like 'romeo and juliet,' i don't usually do that more than a couple of nights in a row because when i do it, i don't want to be going through the motions. there are certain songs that are so emotional that we tend to put them in the set for a few shows out of five, maybe, or something like that, just so that they're really sincere and as powerful as they feel to us. changing our set around helps us always be challenged emotionally, to have a new experience with the song."

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