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emily saliers quote from 2009-03-11: the interface - live performances, spinner:

"i was doing an interview earlier this week and the journalist was asking me about a song that amy wrote called "second time around", about whether she wrote that about us and our experiences, and i was saying, 'no, i'm quite sure that she doesn't write about us'.

"and he said: 'that's funny, because amy said she did'. and i asked her and she said 'yes'. and i was like, after all these years, i had no clue!"

amy ray quote from 2010-03-10: songs with a view, the tacoma weekly:

"i think my songs are reflective of what i am experiencing at the time. 'second time around' is about community and being an ally. and in some ways it was about myself and getting caught up on bitterness and cynicism," ray said.

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