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2008-06-04: amy is a ray of light, the windy city times:

lawrence ferber: is "she's got to be" a love song?

amy ray: yeah. it's two things-a love song for my partner, and also a love song to the part of myself that is a woman. i've been with her five years. i pretty much write a lot about my undying affection. but having said that, when i'm writing anything i'm conflating a lot of things together. i'm also taking into consideration other relationships or other people's relationships i see. i even flip around things and write from my partner's perspective about me.


2008-10-03: amy ray finds inspiration in lonely nights, the toledo blade:

she spent hours on the road driving between her farm home outside atlanta to asheville, n.c., where she recorded the album with griffith and other musical friends. those late-night drives helped her fashion the vocals and arrangements, like the bass-heavy '90s-era springsteen vibe on "she's got to be."

"sometimes he can make you feel so lonely in such a good way," she said a phone interview. "it's like the loneliness that hurts but you don't want to let go of it."

that feeling of being in a car by herself driving all night had a direct effect on several of the disc's songs.

"on 'she's got to be' i did those vocal arrangements by listening to it and singing it on one of those drives. i just came up with all these different parts and put it down on a little recorder very quickly, and it was that 3 a.m. thing that made it come around."

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