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2019-03-26: lucy wainwright roche: five essential indigo girls songs,

"she's saving me" (emily saliers), become you (2002)

i love this mysterious song because it is both personal and universal. it's simple and sparse, but braids together the powerful, complicated forces of faith and interpersonal connection that guide us through the impossibility of life. i am not often a big fan of bridges in songs, but this song has a bridge that i love. it winds its way around itself, just like the way our minds wander through thoughts. amy's vocal parts on this track are careful, minimal, and perfectly understanding. they support the telling of the story without taking away from the solitary nature of the song, which ties back into the gratitude that the song expresses for the help we get along the way.


2015-05-21: es.2001, official indigo girls "a year a month blog" on tumblr:

my songs on become you are highly emotional and intense, as i wove in and out of life's passions and pitfalls at that time. my ever-present theme of unrequited love was there in "collecting you" and "hope alone," "our deliverance'" started as a love song and ended up being an anti-war song. "deconstruction" was written after i first noticed and began to watch a family of foxes that took up space in my wooded yard, and i felt the wonder, mystery and portents that wild birds and animals always represented. "you've got to show" was an experiment with more complicated chords and progressions than i typically used, and it has the only sax solo we ever put on an ig studio record. to this day, "she's saving me" remains my most personal song, as it talks about my sister's death and the power of a woman's friendship and a loving god.

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