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amy ray quote from 2020-02-28: indigo girls preview new album 'look long' with funky 'sh-t kickin", rolling stone:

ray recalled the formative experience, and the conflicted feelings that came with it, in a lengthy email to rolling stone:

"we had a house on a cove, in a rural area surrounded by farms, dirt roads, and woods. we had dirt bikes at the lake house in various states of functionality. we zoomed around the roads, both paved and dirt, without a care to any rules, and we discovered a series of trails in the woods that provided adventure and the much-needed privacy for childhood pondering and eventual teenage angst.

"when i think back on the landscape and the folks i ran across, i think a lot about what was happening in society at the time, the social injustices that ran rampant, and how abstract it all seemed until i had the courage and freedom to question the ingredients of my environment."

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