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amy ray quote from the one lost day audio diaries on soundcloud:

"this was originally intended for a country record, but it had some ig potential, so i threw it into the mix of ideas as we were starting to decide what material worked for this record. it's such a simple tune and i think i wrote it 4 years ago. i was thinking about a guy who is sort of dysfunctional but really has his heart in the right place, and i imagined him feeling pretty paralyzed when trying to 'fix' his ailing relationship. here's a guy who loves solitude but can't imagine what it would feel like to be truly alone with all that restless energy building up for lack of a lover to help contain him. and for sure there is a certain solitude in his emotional conflict and i wanted to capture that feeling at night under the stars of a world so daunting and vast, and the fear of exploding under it's weight."

"as i was doing my garage band demo of this, i kept hearing lucy wainwright roche in my head, her mom's band the roches were a huge influence on the ig harmony style and lucy is not only influenced by them as well, but carries the dna, so i asked her to come out to nashville and record with us!"

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