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2020-11-01: amy ray - tear it down,

the new single, "tear it down" from amy ray and her band is out 11.1.2020. inspired by nina simone and billie holiday, as well as the activism of project say something and black lives matter, amy ray band takes a deep dive into new musical territory to portray a relentless battle to evolve and become truly anti-racist. "tear it down" hopes to encapsulate the struggle and evolution of a die-hard white southerner coming to terms with miseducation about her homeland; the iconography of "the old confederacy" that she unwittingly embraced; and the dire need to dismantle the historical symbols, songs, and myths that perpetuate and nurture racism.

"tear it down" was recorded remotely by her stalwart band of 8 years now, with special guests, eric eagle on drums, and julie wolf on piano. brian speiser (goodnight tender and holler) produced the song, and bobby tis (tedeschi-trucks band) brought the mix together.

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