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1995-xx-xx: interview by kirsti reeve:

k: what about dredging up some of the really old stuff - you used nashville on rop - stuff like the untitled song?

e: my god.. i don't even remember that one.. it's been since we played that.

a: what _is_ that one? what's the first line of that song?

k: [proceeds to quote verse 1 of untitled song]

a: what's the chorus?

e: ohhh.. no..

k: could have seen the acting (a: aahhhhhh...) on the stage.

e: might have read the writing on the page..oh my god!!

k: ok..(

a: laughs) ok...

e: couldn't have written that one! page.. stage..

a: now that you say it out loud... they don't sound that good. (cracks up laughing again)

k: the melody's good though...

e: yeah.. it's a pretty melody.. it's sweet.. sweet... sweet and sappy. that was me totally though, i mean, when i was writing songs like that. i mean i still have a big sappy part of me. and i think a lot about love, i really do. so i write a lot about it.

a: there's some old songs of emily's i've heard that we could dredge up and use again though. like half moon cafe (e: yeah!) that song, that' know..


1995-09: indigo girls: record collector

in 1985 they released a 7 single, "crazy game", on their own record label, named after their high-school english teacher, j. ellis-lloyd ("we were both in love with him . . . he probably threw it away!"). they sold copies at gigs and outside the students' union. subsequently, they used the same label to issue an album, "blue food". mostly recorded live at the dugout, in atlanta, it contained otherwise unavailable original material, that any fan of the indigo girls' subsequent work would find intriguing. in particular, emily's achingly beautiful "untitled song" is one track on the record that still cries out for a wider audience.


2000-12-19: (emily saliers chat transcript), (unknown):

thank you for sharing your time and music with us. is there any chance of you and amy putting out a cd of songs that never made it on an official release? songs such as play it again sam, the untitled song, don't give up on me baby, carry me away... i could go on but you know what i'm getting at. any chance? world falls

probably not. anything can happen, but amy and i sometimes listen to those old songs and can't stand them! i think they mark a period of time very early on in our songwriting development, and while some of our fans may be attached maybe for sentimental reasons, it's probably not a good idea to put out a collection. we'll just keep them were they are.

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