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emily saliers quote from 1995-10-10: 1200 curfews liner notes:

"my favorite song on 1200 curfews. gerard mc hugh is a great songwriter - we've always wanted to put a song of his on the record. this was recorded live in the dressing room, all of us crammed together being taped by jerry and the electronics he pushed around in a big black case. the band was a family in a family room."


"jerry brought his recording equipment along on the honor the earth tour, hoping to capture our spontaneous dressing room jams - this wasn't exactly spontaneous but it was live. gerard has been a musical comrade and friend of mine for over 10 years. he's part of an abstract musical creation called the new mongrels - head mongrel, alphadog is an actor/writer/musician by the name of haynes brooke - we put out one record called 'not dead (yet)'. gerard has written a lot of songs that i wish i could put my name on. 'now i'm trying to get back to what i know that i should be hoping to god i was just a temporary absentee.' "

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