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1999-09-30: trouble - it's alright, southern voice:

"a song like 'trouble' is probably the rockiest song i've ever written," she says. "i love rock music, i've just never been able to express myself as easily in a rock format as i have in ballad format, unless i'm playing electric guitar. so 'trouble' is a good release for me."


1999-12-17: transciption, yahoo chat:

question: emily, in the song "trouble," what does "grow a peaceful crop" refer to?

indigo girls: emily: it has to do with genetically engineered crops, things that are unhealthy for people, it has to do with nafta and when nations like mexico end up having to import corn. rather than subsist on their own food production. the inequity of that. and how food will once again, hopefully, be equitable and peaceful ultimately. and it's also a general reference to sowing the seeds and creating peace. it's a metaphor as


2000-10-03: retrospective liner notes:

"this song is simple, written on the electric guitar, out in back. why do so many terrible things happen? i can't stand the injustice. a change will come, but when?"

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