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2010-07-29: a conversation with indigo girls, the huffington post:

mr: this project ends with the indigo girls' version of "wild horses" that is almost spiritual.

es: "wild horses" was such a classic song. probably one of the best songs ever written, and we grew up with michelle malone who is from atlanta. we have played shows with her and have been friends forever and ever, and we just started playing that song together. we don't play a lot of cover songs, but there are a handful that we have just come to call our own over the years like "midnight train to georgia" and "don't think twice its alright." "wild horses" was one of them as well. when we were going over the tracks we came across that version and just loved it. it was a part of our history, and it came out really well. we really love it and the performance. so, we decided it should go on there.

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