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amy ray quote from 2011-10-04: indigo girl amy ray takes on the 'beauty queen sister': interview, shewired:

for me, a song like "yoke," the very last song, i brought to the project pretty late. i had written it a while back but i had thought of it as being kind of in that leonard cohen tradition, in that folk song tradition of being kind of long and dark. i didn't know if it was just too self-sulk, but i think the risk was, "let's just do it" and see what happens. it's a live recording basically, with a couple of string overdubs, but the main string is live - everything is live, except for emily's vocal and one violin part or something. so for me, something like that - it's kind of an emotional perspective, and you're just doing it and not worrying about whether it fits in, or whether its pop-y or anything like that.

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