lifeblood: songs: lyrics: falling star

it's like an ocean tide
slowly washing my shores away
it's like the sun above
now sooner or later
i'll have to face that way

now she asks me how you're doing
and i tell her you're getting by
but it's pain and numbness
side by side

you came on the scene
like a star in the northern night
she spread her love to you
like the warmth of a southern sky

and so it goes on
you know it's night and day
one always slips away
there's no one left to blame

love falls down you know and your
and your heart falls to pieces
and your soul might get lost along the way

and all these songs
they used to make you shine
they are just lullabies for your nightmares
i don't want to shed your tears

i followed you northern star
and i shared the fall with you
now i felt the cold glow of the sunset
and i saw that liar's moon

some of us will come down to earth
some of us will burn
love's not always as bright as it should be
tell me do you want to be free

well your love falls down you know
and your heart might fall to pieces
and i saw your soul get lost along the way

all these songs now they used to make you shine
they are just lullabies for your nightmares
and i'll sing them softly now

lately i've felt the warmth
of the one who tore down my walls
but then i look at you
and your twilight consumes it all it does

now i wished upon your falling star
praying i won't fall that hard
and that my love is all it seems to be
because i'll swear it set me free

but emily i gotta tell you i understand i understand
when your love flies away well honesty
that's about the best you can the best you can do
but aren't you empty inside
aren't you

falling star

words and music by amy ray

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