lifeblood: songs: lyrics: give in

come a little bit closer
closer than you are
cause anything worth it now is
just gonna be hard
come a little bit cleaner
get a little bit mean
just give me the honesty and
give it back to me
when i know what's mine
(i know what's mine) i can put it aside
and give in

don't give me a reason
don't give me a break
just give me the loneliness of
of my own mistakes
and if it falls like a judgment on
everything that we are
well then it's just useless something
we should discard
what's yours what's mine
(what's yours what's mine)
lets put it aside
we give in

are you afraid
does it get in the way
of everything that wants to last
everything that wants to stay
with all your might
could you put it aside
and give in

with all my might
(with all my might)
i could never put you aside
(never put you aside) so i give in

(with all my might)
with all my might
i could never put you aside
so i give in

words and music by amy ray

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