lifeblood: songs: lyrics: going to the country

i am going to the country
i've got to get away from here
cause i could use a little mystery
and i could use a little air

ever since hearts have been tumbling
like weeds in the wind
i keep wondering what we do
with all the gifts that we're given
in the name of freedom

when the well went dry
nothing could move me
then i lost the view of a little girl
but now the scenery rolls by me like a movie
like the eighth wonder of the world

when i think about the love
without which we could not go on
and then when it's all over
we hear about it in a song
and a broken hearts a cliche
a cliche

so i am going to the country
i know a place where i can lie
where the wisdom is deeper than the human soul
or the holes that the stars dug in the sky

i don't come here seeking answers
i come only seeking peace
until the tired fist around me heart
is swayed into release
and i wish the same for all my friends
all my friends

words and music by emily saliers
as performed april 4, 1996 at eddie's attic in decatur, georgia

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