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hello there floating village
dogs walk your wooden planks
i hired a boat and crew in ha long bay
hello there pain et fromage jack dee from usa
and all you windsurfers on mui ne
hello vietnam can we be friends
i met you on my tv way back when
watching eyes were domino theory bleary
but i see clearly now just like i did when i was just a little kid
crying my room over you

it's no wonder my dreams are occupied
first the french did it then we decided to hit it
first it was a threat then it was the green
we needed even from the ones we tried to blow to smithereens
well here we are isn't it crazy
big box of arms tied with diplomacy
when did this happen is everybody free
the ghost of vets and the dead vc
hello vietnam can we be friends
we took you to the movies way back when
fat budget hollywood depiction fiction scared the hope out of me
portraying your barbarity
in thirty years i'm on an airplane
lonely planet and my champagne
wow you speak such good english
and my guide will grant me every tourist wish
hello vietnam can we be friends
(hello vietnam can we be friends)
hello vietnam can we be friends
(hello vietnam can we be friends)

words and music by emily saliers

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