lifeblood: songs: lyrics: i'm high i'm on high

don't tell mama that i stole from her purse
you think you've got it bad you'll get it much worse
there are things i need i can't afford to buy
and if you don't like to see it
close your eyes

i'm a killer i'm a prophet in my own eyes
i'm a sugar daddy for the marginalized
when their bowls are empty and their prayers are spent
i conscript them and they eat the bread of violence

i will take what's mine and mine is what i say
i'm high, i'm on high
my hen lays golden eggs
black oil like honey
do what the caliph says
i'm high i'm on high
you lack identity
come join my army
find your community

back at home they're shaking heads and asking why
he was so quiet seemed like such a decent guy
a heart of darkness lies in wait in everyone
it opens like a hollow point when you point and shoot your motherphallic gun

go find someone who's got nothing left to lose
brand him a hero make him think he gets to choose
between an earthly life of filth and apostates
or a martyr's lair where god and virgins wait

i will take what's mine and mine is what i say
i'm high i'm on high
i put my prisoners down
my boot is on your back
your boots are on my hallowed ground
i'm high i'm on high
i shoot my videos
you watch in horror
and then your hatred grows

peace i give unto you
not as the world gives

words and music by emily saliers

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