lifeblood: songs: lyrics: i should have never crossed your path

should have never crossed your path
funny things you want the most
should soon be taken back
slap my own hands like a child
stealing from the candy store
i think i've taken to your smile

and i hunger for your laugh
do the craziest things like look around
when i know you're nowhere near me
break my back on a song
though i know you're not there to hear

unanswered questions lying on the coffee table
from a song i haven't finished since last summer
cause i never could decide how much was gin
how much the sea
or other incidentals clouding what was really me

everything i am is bare feet and burning sand
waiting for the calm cool hand of the sea

a madman of emotions waiting for the drug effect
of the reason and the intellect to comfort me

half the time i love you like you love the fall's first breeze
then you seem as distant as the skeletons of trees
far away outside my window
where inside i think of you
as if i thought hard enough i'd know which way to turn
and what to do


i'm quite sure i'll be alright
we all live with some distraction
it's just too bad
mine will hang around all day and night
like an uninvited guest
you can't turn away try hard as you might
lord knows i've tried

i might let it go and take a long long run
quit my job and join the coastline baking in the sun
then again i might just make big plans
and leave them on the table
like the song i left unfinished
and the words i am unable
i will always be unable to express


words and music by emily saliers
studio outake

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