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all the way all the way all the way
to nashville
we talked about god
and the devil
everyone i know
can sense armageddon
we want to believe in something
we're unsettled

my grandfather had
a telescope
and a magnifying
through the scope on starry nights we saw forever
and in the morning florida sun
i burned the grass
with my magnifying glass

look long
look long
look long

there's a reason there's a reason
that they call it a hail mary
it's all or nothing
on a prayer
on the brink of loss
we take our last shot
with my shaky faith
will you still be there

my grandmother had
apollo mission glasses
etched in red white and blue
i'm no awol patriot
because i've dodged your party lines
i will always love my troubled nation
this beautiful land

look long
look long
look long

me and marsha went walking
up in northern minnesota
on a night so freezing cold
the earth stood still
she talked about the prophecies
and the future generations
and said will
you keep the faith
i said i will
i will
i will

so we argue and we wrestle
and we claim conviction
though we might as well be
flipping coins
more would be revealed
if we'd adjust the focus
on the shortest distance
between two points

because these aren't the best of times
and they're not the worst
just like the edge of the earth
is an illusion
god bless our brave little hearts
and our inherent limitations
and our short-sighted plans
and our collusion

look long
look long
look long

look long
look long
look long

words and music by emily saliers

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