lifeblood: songs: lyrics: no way to treat a friend

well when i walked you to the door
honey i was feeling mighty fine
i was thinking hey
i've got love to ease my mind
then i got to the car
and i was staring at your stars
this ain't no way to spend my time lord

i want a true love affair
not this touch and go in the air
you know i
don't know if i'm coming or i'm down
i don't want a love touch and go
i want a feeling
i wanna know
or else you can
get me out of this town

yeah when i saw you smile
i knew one look into your eyes
and i was thinking
hey darling are you in love again huh
yeah then i heard you laugh
honey you were laughing at the past
i was thinking
this ain't no way to treat your friend now

you were laughing at the past
honey you were smiling through your glass
watching cars drive away in your mind
you were hoping i would leave
honey i was dreaming i could stay
and this ain't no way for me to spend my time
no honey don't you give it away

honey i want words
i want touch
is that too much
for one so far removed
from what you used to claim yeah
oh if you be cruel
i'll still be kind
you know it's
it's all in your mind
honey i'm in love with you i
i ain't gonna play your games lord
but if you want my advice
don't say it's wrong
if it feels right
push me down
just to see me crawl
i'll be crawling on your floor
i'll be reaching for the door
i'll be crawling right out of your eyes
honey i'll be walking right out of your eyes
honey i'll be walking right out of your eyes
oh yeah
right out now baby

words and music by amy ray
as performed in a studio outtake

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