lifeblood: songs: lyrics: second coming

we saw a wing torn from a bird
lying fresh in the snow
i swear to god
the signs that call at me
did you think they'd let me go
no no
i need to know
cause everywhere i go the second
comings round the corner
my days i reckon
are numbered down

we planned a trip
across the sea
to reconcile
i said will we
you said
we'll see
as soon as we got there
you wanted to go home
or anywhere
as far as you could be
and everywhere i go the second
comings down the hall
in the bed
the kitchen
it knows
its way home

i start looking at the man on the street
where jesus comes disguised
graphic images are streaming from the screens
i can't believe my eyes
all this and that too
can it be true

you dig your shovel in so deep
to find the words to say
its humerous
we pay we go
you to the sun me to the snow
the flakes are fat and numerous
they shot the city up
and i think
well there you go
the one who isn't looking
is the last to know
and the ones who know
just know

words and music by emily saliers

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