lifeblood: songs: sweet gypsy (also known as "anyway i love you")

sweet gypsy blowing through my mind
and through my heart so full and empty
well these days seem strange somehow
a billion years isn't what it appears to be

now you tell me that you're losing hold of time
you can't seem to find your peace of mind
well i'm so far away and i'm trying to see you through
i can't help but feel i may be losing you

should i let you go
for your own sake
should i hold you close
for mine

anyway i love you and i couldn't be more sure
these tears cry out "please don't let go"
oh but their words
they keep haunting me

you can't build your life around a dream
well it's too late
now my world is you
there's nothing they could say or do

well i remember the first time that i fell
i swear i never thought i'd make it up again
i've been flying on the wings of your love
and i'm not getting down just to fall again

don't it seem like the road is oh so long
well everybody's moving out
and we're staying on
in this absurdity

now you don't let go of me
i'm begging you
now you don't let go of me

anyway i love you

words and music by amy ray
as performed on color me grey

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