lifeblood: appearances: 1998-01-30: universal amphitheatre - los angeles, california

opener: danielle howle and the tantrums

least complicated
dead man's hill
get out the map
shed your skin
it's alright
i don't wanna know (with danielle howle and the tantrums)
cut it out
wish you were here
someone to pull the trigger (matthew sweet with kristen hall)
hammer and a nail
shame on you
virginia woolf
scooter boys (with john trudell)
baby don't you break my heart slow (emily with vonda shepard)
let it rain (kristen hall with matthew sweet, amy and emily)
galileo (with jackson browne)
love's recovery (with vonda shepard)
blister in the sun (with danielle howle and the tantrums)
closer to fine (with ani difranco, vonda shepard, danielle howle and the tantrums)

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